Who Are The iESMWG?

An International Steering Group (iESMWG) has been created to oversee the production of the iESM Handbook to ensure that this up-to-date good practise handbook on engineering safety management is compliant with European legislation, can be applied worldwide and addresses the needs of Railway operators, controllers and multi-national suppliers. Profiles of some of the members of the iESMWG are provided below:

Nelson Ng, General Manager - Safety & Quality, MTR Corporation

Mr Nelson Ng is a safety and risk management professional with over 20 years experience primarily in the rail industry. Nelson has extensive experience in system assurance for new railway lines, the operational railway and in overseas businesses, RAM Management, enterprise risk management, operational safety and crisis management. Nelson is the General Manager - Safety and Quality of MTR heading up the Safety and Quality Department of the Operations Division. He is also in charge of the corporate safety governance framework for MTR's growing Mainland and Overseas railways businesses.