The Lead Author - TPD

Our consultants are all Chartered Engineers and highly regarded safety and assurance professionals who have extensive experience in the application of the original Yellow Book and its principles on a number of railway programmes, both in the UK and overseas.

Dr Robert Davis, the founding Director of TPD, conceived the concept of the Yellow Book and directed the production and launching of the first three issues when he was with Railtrack. Dr Davis initiated the establishment of the Yellow Book Steering Group after Yellow Book 2. He has been a member since its formation and is a past Chairman. He is also a member of the European Working Party participating in the merging of EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 into a future single standard.

Paul Cheeseman is a career railwayman trained in railway signal engineering, who specialized in the development, application and assessment of safety critical systems and processes whilst working for the British Rail Board. He has produced numerous safety cases for novel equipment and regularly acts as Lead ISA on projects around the world. Paul was part of the team that delivered the Yellow Book workstream in 1992 when he was working with BR Network South East. He was responsible for developing the Lloyd's Register suite of Yellow Book training courses and has delivered versions of the course in eight different countries. He was acting Chair of the Yellow Book Steering Group when it ceased in 2009.

Paul Fletcher has more than 25 years experience as a systems engineer supporting the delivery of safety-critical (s/w intensive) systems on both the Client and delivery side. His experience extends across a number of industry sectors including major railway programmes (e.g. LU, NR and overseas Clients), aerospace projects, defence, offshore (oil and gas) and marine. As a YB4 Trainer and Chief Engineer at Atkins Rail, Paul also delivered the risk analysis training modules of YB4 to a number of Atkins rail clients and has also run internal training courses in Analysis Techniques for Safety Assessments. Paul is also the author of the TPD Ltd ACM-II Product which supports the delivery of Large Complex Programmes (LCP) featuring highly interactive systems and programme engineering dependencies.

Bruce Elliott worked for a decade as a software engineer, he has more than two decades experience as a system and system safety engineer, mostly in rail and air traffic services. In 1993, he led the team that wrote the British Rail work instructions which later became the Yellow Book. He was involved in the Yellow Book right up until the last Yellow Book Steering Group meeting in 2009. During this period he edited issues 2,3 and 4 of the Yellow Book, created several Yellow Book training courses and delivered Yellow Book training to more than 1,000 students.

Tracey Best has been involved in systems engineering, safety and approvals since the privatization of British Rail in the mid 90s. As Safety Assurance and Approvals Director at Alstom TIS, she was the Safety Approval Signatory for the UK Board and at Praxis HIS, she was a Company Safety Authority responsible for the validation and approval of rail ISA work. She has applied the Yellow Book extensively on railway projects both as a Systems Assurance Manager and as a Safety Authority/Lead ISA to include most notably BB21 & BEV21 ProRail ETCS, TASS on WCRM, JNUP, National ERTMS programme, Singapore Driverless Metro, UK WESTRACE approvals and Heathrow T5.