iESM - An International Collaboration

iESM has been developed by the Technical Programme Delivery Group ( as part of their internal research and development activities for the good of the railway industry. Dr Rob Davis’ team in British Rail started the work on an engineering safety management handbook later called “Yellow Book” in 1992 and published the first version in 1996. Issue 4 of Yellow Book was withdrawn in 2012 as it had become out of date, leaving a “missing piece” for safety practitioners around the world.

Due to a global desire to maintain some consistency in the field of Engineering Safety Management principles and practice in the Rail Sector and to keep this information up to date and supplied as a common shared resource, the development of the iESM has been an international collaboration project involving a number of high profile rail organizations who have provided their valuable input either as a Sponsor and/or have been active contributors to the content of the iESM Handbook.

The iESM WG are responsible for overseeing the production and update to the iESM Handbook.

If you use this any of the iESM guidance, you must make sure that it suitable for your project and adapt it where necessary.