AN2 – This is a very practical Application Note that has been much requested. It contains document outlines and suggested contents for many of the plans and reports that iESM and the CENELEC standards call up. AN2 consists of 34 pages of content currently covering the following documents:

  • Safety Plan (CENELEC style)
  • Safety Case (CENELEC compliant)
  • Independent Assessment Remit
  • Independent Assessment Plan
  • Independent Assessment Report
  • An extensive glossary of terms

In the currency of your choice this has been set at GBP £90, AUD $150, USD $110, EUR €110. To request purchase of Application Note 2 please email us by clicking here. Once payment has been received we will email a copy of AN2 to you at the email address provided as soon as reasonably practicable. It is an express term of purchase that you do not copy, reproduce or republish the document in any other form.